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San Joaquin DHIA is a certified DHIA field service provider, serving the Dairy Producers of Contra Costa, Marin, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter and Yolo Counties of California.

Who We Are:


San Joaquin DHIA is a member owned organization that strives to serve members’ needs concerning the collection, analysis and management of dairy records and information.


What We Do:


Our Technicians use software to collect all on-farm data, including animal identification, calvings, breedings, pregnancy checks, dry offs, and milk weights at one or more milkings. Component samples may or may not be taken.  The data is forwarded to a processing center, and reports generated by the processing center are mailed back to the dairy. Cow lactation records are forwarded by the processing center to Animal Improvement Program Laboratory (AIPL), and the records may be used to calculate genetic evaluations.


San Joaquin DHIA is also committed to offering ideas and support, which will increase the value you receive from the information collected. We will act as a conduit from numerous sources like other dairymen, data records processing center's (DRPC), universities, industry, CDCB, National DHIA and many more to present you with as much information as you desire.



Benefits For You:


First and most important, San Joaquin DHIA’s goal is to support dairy producers and our milk testing supervisors by being a resource that provides information for the individual management of each dairy operation. San Joaquin DHIA can provide you with unbiased information concerning data records processing centers, and dairy management software.


If you are participating in breed association programs or young sire programs, San Joaquin DHIA is a local route for information to flow to the USDA’s genetic evaluation program at CDCB. We are also responsible for assuring the quality of records used by the breed associations’ production records and the young sire programs with their reward programs.

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