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DHIA Diagnostic Services


In addition to the standard DHI milk analysis for SCC, Fat, and Protein, DHI milk samples can also be analyzed for an array of management and health information as discribed below:  These innovative milk tests are easier to use and more economical than traditional methods.  For more information on these tests and how to implement them into your testing program, give us a call.

Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)

Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) levels that are too high or too low can be robbing you of profits. Over feeding or under feeding protein, or feeding unbalanced protein to carbohydrate ratio rations can decrease feed efficiency, increase feed costs and lower milk production. MUN analysis can be used to identify potential problems in your feeding program.

Milk Preg 28I'm another title

Confirms pregnancy anytime 28-days post breeding and 60-days post calving.  98% accurate.  Results availible within 48 hours of sampling.  The first ture milk-based pregnancy test designed to help improve efficiency of reproductive programs in herds.  This test has the advantage over traditional methods of palpation and ultrasound as the test is noninvasive and eliminates the additional time and labor to sort and restrain the animal.  For more info on this test, click HERE.

IJohne's Disease

Highly effective ELISA test to determine Johne's prevalence in herds.  The  Milk ELISA test is comparable to serum ELISA tests with the added convenience of sample collection with the routine DHIA milk sampling system.  For more information on the use of this test, click HERE.

Bovine Leukosis title

An extremely sensitive ELISA test that can be used on single milk samples for diagnosis of individual animals and on bulk tank samples to monitor negative herds.  Test allows producers to estimate herd prevalence, and accurately indentify positive and negative animals for breeding and management. Results available within days of testing.  For more information on the use of this test, click HERE.

IBovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD)'m anFother title

Highly effective ELISA test to positively identify cows persistently infected (PI) with BVD.  Eliminates individual ear notching or blood sampling required with traditional analysis.  Results available within days of testing.  For more info on the use of this test, click HERE.

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