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Providing Today's Dairymen With a Total Milk Testing Service!




Types of Testing Programs



  • 1x, 2x, 3x, Milk testing available

  • Sampled or Non-Sampled Testing Plans

  • Labor Efficient Records (L.E.R.) Program with Quarterly Test Plan


Types of Record Programs


  • Traditional Records processed through a Processing Center ( ATA, DRMS & DhiProvo)

  • Non DRPC–Lab Test with electronic transfer to your on Farm Computer


DHIA Diagnostic Services


  • Milk Components: Butterfat, Protein, Somatic Cell, Milk Urea Nitrogen through Central Counties DHIA Lab

  • Milk Diagnostics: Milk Pregnancy, Johnes, Leukosis, BVD through Fresno UBRL Lab

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